The Know Wear, your feet essentials.

Mar 06 , 2020

Emirates Shoes Collection

The Know Wear, your feet essentials.

A great shoe can make or break almost any look. Whether you’re heading to an important business meeting or attending another wedding, your shoes and the condition of your shoes are of utmost importance.
Swanky Nude Wedge 
Wedge shoes
You need not wear excruciating heels if you have a pair of these, they sure give an outfit a more gleaming look. My opinion, here's a top 5 in wearable comfort design, especially the lower wedge. Wedges are a summer wardrobe staple. Offering height without sacrificing comfort, our selection of wedges come in an array of styles suited to any occasion in the warmer months. You can get a pair here.


In the past few years these have become major fashion staple for women. They are as versatile as any flat shoe but have the advantage of looking more formal than ballerina flats. They make a tailored office outfit look polished and traditional. Brown and black presently aren’t the only colors and can now be picked in various colors, heel height and brogue patterns. Why not get a pair.


Court Shoes
One of the classic style that work well for a more formal event like business attire or wedding. Court shoes generally have a low line upper, which means that the top line of the shoe sits quite low down on the foot, they have medium height heel and a pointed toe (front part of shoe). They come in classic colors such as black, brown and beige, but more fashionable styles are more widely available now.


 Ankle Boots
These are exactly that ‘boots that reach your ankle’. Investing in a good pair of ankle boots is an impeccable idea, they are a classic shape that transfer well from the office to everyday adventure. They look great with a summer dress or a pair of tailored pants and they are as stylish as they are versatile plus also come in different styles .
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