Nov 09 , 2019

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New & Stylish Ladies Flat Shoes,

If we’re all being totally honest – high heels kind of suck (though we sell them as well). Alright, they look gorgeous – and sure, there’s the random girl who claims she’s actually more comfortable in them (like we believe that!)  – but for the most part, we want to trade them in for a comfortable pair of flats (or better yet, slippers). Outfits with flats can look chic while also being comfortable.



This are flats with a very thin heel or the appearance of no heel at all. The style sometimes features a ribbon-like binding around the low tops of the slipper and may have a slight gathering at the top-front of the vamp and a tiny, decorative string tie .Adding a fun pop of colour to an outfit is a great way to turn a basic look into something more sophisticated and interesting. It’s even better when that pop of colour is from a fun, comfortable, and stylish pair of flats. It’s a super easy, next-to-no thought, way to add some zest to an outfit while you’re heading out the door.

A simple closed-toe shoe that is identified by the closure — shoe-lace eyelets.


They may look exactly like an oxford but brogues are identified by decorative patterns along the toe and along the edges of the shoe’s piecing. Brogues were traditionally considered to be outdoor or country footwear not otherwise appropriate for casual or business occasions, but brogues are now considered appropriate in most contexts Today, in addition to their typical form of sturdy leather shoes or boots, brogues may also take the form of business dress shoes, sneakers, high-heeled women's shoes, or any other shoe form that utilises or evokes the multi-piece construction and perforated, serrated piece edges characteristic of brogues.

women brogues


 Shoes that do not have a lacing or fastening system.  Loafers can be worn at any time of the year but are often more thought of as footwear you would choose to wear during Spring Summer months. Yes they can be tricky to wear and yes it can be hard to know what to style them with but they really are a wardrobe staple .If you can, always go for leather when it comes to loafers, they are more malleable which means more comfort for your feet and most importantly they will stand up better against the heat and no socks combination. Don’t go over the top with crazy prints and detailing, in the Summer choose soft pale shades in soft suede however once Winter come around play up to the dramatic weather by  going for a deeper colour and a more robust design. Like all shoes, loafers need a bit of looking after when you are wearing them all the time and especially if you are wearing them without socks, which is why we have some little pearls of wisdom to share with you to help keep them in tip top condition for longer.


 Shoes that do not have a lacing or fastening system. People may choose to wear sandals for several reasons, among them comfort in warm weather, economy (sandals tend to require less material than shoes and are usually easier to construct), and as a fashion choice.Usually, people wear sandals in warmer climates or during warmer parts of the year in order to keep their feet cool and dry. The risk of developing athlete's foot is lower than with enclosed shoes, and the wearing of sandals may be part of the treatment regimen for such an infection.

ladies sandals


This are flats with a sharp edge on the tip.

 emirates flat shoes



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